Saturday, May 30, 2009

Garden Before & After

Thought I would give a quick update on the progress of my garden this year. Here is the before of my heirloom tomatoes. They sure did take a while to start growing this year. Here they are now. I am much more relaxed to see the plants growing now. Can't wait to see the first sight of an actual tomato!
Below is the before picture of my garden box. Exciting huh?

And now!....I have a ton of spring lettuce mix growing, radishes that look like they inhaled miracle grow and baby carrots starting.

Now I know why they say zucchini plants grow like weeds. They do! I was amazed by the size of the leaves on my plant this year. They are like elephant ears!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Look at the size of these radishes! Couldn't believe how large they grew this year. Here they are with hair cuts and all washed up looking good!

Apparently, Milo kitten also thought they were looking good! He also thought NOBODY was watching.

I didn't do it!!! Caught in action but got the "who me" look!

Yeah you! Bad kitten......

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cute Photo

I thought this photo was so cute. This is kitten Tule who must always be in the window! I just love this photo because look at the size of the rose and look at the size of Tule's face. The rose is huge! Beautiful rose and cute kitten! Tule and I are good communicators. We talk to one another all the time. I have learned to speak his language after much practice but don't know what it means and Tule seems to understand my language but can't speak it. It all works out in the end!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mac n Cheese

My love for Mac n cheese is like a major food group to me. Here is a variation I tried today for lunch. First I used a multi-grain pasta to help add in extra fiber and nutrition as I am trying to ween off regular pasta. I sauteed finely minced yellow onion, sweet baby red peppers in EVOO. Then I added sliced white mushrooms and fresh spinach with a smidgen of S&P and shake of red pepper flakes for a little kick. Then I added in rotisserie chicken for protein. For the cheese sauce, I used 2 T butter, 2 T flour and whisked in 1 cup of milk and brought to a low boil. I then added in grated Parmesan cheese, a handful of crumbled goat cheese and 2 handfuls of finely grated Monterrey jack/cheddar blend. Then I simply combined all the ingredients. I was debating transferring the Mac n cheese to a dish and adding a crumb topping and baking but my stomach did not have the patience. Very yummy.....

Friday, May 1, 2009


I feel very blessed to have many friends and family members prayers for my father. He recently went under a life altering surgery which was successful! Having the support of many has helped during this ruff time. My father is a trooper and I very glad to have still have him in my life! Here he is enjoying his favorite beverage-Red Rose hot tea sweetened with honey and splashed with soy milk.

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